Geluidsmeter BSWA 308
  • Geluidsmeter BSWA 308
  • Geluidsmeter BSWA 308
  • Geluidsmeter BSWA 308
  • 309: Sound Meter IEC61672 Class2
  • 309: Sound Meter IEC61672 Class2
  • 309: Sound Meter IEC61672 Class2

309: Sound Meter IEC61672 Class2

VAT excluded

Sound Meter professional class 2

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Professional sound meter Class S IEC 61672-1: 2013 standard 1/1 octave, LN and log
Note: BSWA also makes this meter under OEM version for other commercial parties, you pay 300-1000 euros more for the same product with a different name, websites usually without knowledge. So be well informed.
A pocket real-time sound / signal analyzer
Low self-noise level, 110dB linear measuring range
Complies with IEC 61672 class 2 and IEC 61260 class 1
Different measurement options according to specific needs
Fequentiebereik 20Hz - 12,5KHz
SPL, LAeq, Piek, Max, Min
Three weighing filters A, C or Linear
Simultaneous measurement of three profiles (dB (A), dB (C), dB (Z)


Extensive noise
measurements Noise analysis of industrial noise Noise
analysis of noise at the workplace
Quality testing of products
Research and development

Spectrum analysis options

Frequency weighting: Parallel (simultaneous) A, C, S, Powered by digital filtering
Filter Type: Parallel (real-time) octave band filters or third octave band filter
Meter Interface: Table and graph interface
Weighing Filters: A, C, Z-weighted sound pressure
Time Weight Fast , Slow, Pulse
Measuring Parameters: Leq, Peak, Lmax, Lmin etc.
Simultaneous measurements for all center frequencies, and A, C, Z-weighting

Sound Meter Class 1 BSWA-308S




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308 geluidsmeter

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