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  • Aurolex Monitoringssysteem
  • Aurolex Monitoringssysteem
  • Aurolex Monitoringssysteem
  • Aurolex Monitoringssysteem
  • Aurolex Monitoringssysteem
  • Aurolex Monitoringssysteem
  • Aurolex Monitoringssysteem
  • Aurolex Monitoringssysteem
  • Aurolex Monitoringssysteem
  • Aurolex Monitoringssysteem

Aurolex Noise Monitoring Sound Level Meter

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Aurolex Noise Monitoring Sound Level

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Aurolex Noise Monitoring Sound Level Meter Plug and PLay

The renewed Aurolex sound monitoring system with 120 x 120 mm compact A board is a class 1 sound analyzer and a 7-channel datalogger. The system is plug-and-play, you do not need to know much about sound in order to see the data. All noise measurements can be consulted via the Internet. Reports are automatically sent to you as a pdf file. You will get alerts on your phone or e-mail (or several people) if certain preset standards are exceeded. Very user friendly and very economical (cheapest first-class monitoring system in the world!). It is among other things used as noise monitoring at port projects, events and also the TT circuit (see An innovative system that BE BASED on a Class 1 IEC 61672 sound analysis. Is A weather station can optionally be connected all meteorological measurement parameters. The system also has a connection for 220V, a charging unit and a heavy maintenance free batteries (optional). The system automatically sends its data via a GPRS connection to our servers, where you can access the data. Also, it is to bleed in order to receive a daily report in which are brought together in the most frequently used information. The system is provided with a weatherproof microphone. The Aurolex monitoring system designate has the ability to monitor a wide range of environmental issues. Sensors for vibration, wind speed and direction, air quality, and groundwater can be made effortlessly. 7 sensors can be one Aurolex monitoring system designate applied. The results at any location in the world with an Internet connection anytime viewed and edited. The results can be displayed graphically or as data in tables. One can even receive automatic graphs and reports via e-mail. You can create your own reports and send them automatically to customers. Self install software to read the meter off or go into measurable places to read the data is no longer needed. Thresholds can be set, above which an alarm by e-mail or SMS will be sent automatically. The Aurolex system has extensive capabilities to achieve the desired result. For more information see the website
Push data system. Automatic measurement report and / or Excel file via e-mail address of your choice
Alarm is set online, by SMS or email, to groups or individuals
Automatically forwarding possible data as a CSV file.
LAN or WiFi is not required, communication via GPRS or UMTS.
Audio recordings at event (optional)
Snapshot video by event (optional)
Connection for 220V and 12V
Connections for analog sensors (9 pieces)
Connection meteo station (precipitation, wind, GPS, light, visibility, humidity, temperature, pressure etc.)
Connecting audio recording, event or automatic recordings (pre-event set)
Mounting on a tripod and / or with magnetic attachment.
Plug-and-Play Places-starters-sound measurement
You need to install software yourself. So no hassle with ITC department or headache that does not work.
You do not sound expert to use this system.
Hassle-free maintenance system.
Measurement data for one year look back.
Usable for public websites (see
Possibility to self-generate automatic reports.
Ability to measurement results and data automatically plotting on maps or still photos.
The measured values are immediately available via a web interface over the world.
The system monitors itself (and meters) of faulty digital signals.
Configuration via web interface.
Possibility limited portion of the data to be released on the Internet.

Integrated modem (ISDN, analog, Ethernet or GSM / GPRS).
Supply through various options, 220V, battery, solar panel
Type 1 sound level meter complies with IEC 61672; 2002.
Type 1 microphone, 1/2 ", 20 mV / Pa, prepolarised condenser microphone with outdoor kit.
Range 15 dB (A) RMS - 140 dB (A) peak.
Measurement data including Leq, Spl, Lep, d, Lden, L1-L99, Lmax, Lpiek.
Filter A, C and Z, the same time to measure
Dynamic range 120 dB.
Frequency range 20-20000 Hz, sampling rate 48 kHz.
Operating temperature -10 to +50 degrees Celsius.
Humidity: up to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing).
Set is weather resistant and reliable
Power measurement set via built-in battery or optional Plug-in solar panel.
Wireless data transfer (GPRS, WLAN, GSM).
Prepared for adding sensors that record the measurement conditions such as wind speed and direction, air quality, vibration levels, light etc. Standard present temperature and humidity.
Online monitoring via internet. Direct all your points clearly on the screen. Via GPS system and Google Earth is directly the location of your points visible.
Aurolex system

The ABC Aurolex Monitoring System provides the ability to view the process 24 hours a day and manage from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. The results may be displayed graphically or in tables as data. One can generate automated reports which one can determine the layout itself. These reports can be automatically sent to any email address pdf file.Men need to no longer at the measurement sites to collect the data. Thresholds can be set, above which an alarm is automatically sent via SMS or email. All measured values can further be easily edited using Excel.

Push data system

Since we need to work with a so-called push-install system data when reading the data any software yourself. It also gives the ability to let itself automatically generate reports and to allow even automatically plot the data on a map. Are your points via the built-in GPS system directly visible via Google Earth if you log on to our server. We automatically take care of the backups and store the data standard 1 year.

Date of registration

For data acquisition, we apply the ABC Monitoring Box II to (part of the ABC Aurolex System). This box with numerous options is equipped with an internal modem and is fully 'plug and play'. The measured values are stored directly in a database that can be consulted via the Internet. This gives the opportunity to view the results on-line via the Internet. The ABC Monitoring Box II can be connected to almost all available sensors. Some examples are sound level meters, vibration meters, humidity meters, temperature meters, light meters etc.
trend module

The trend module provides the ability to display the data graphically. The scaling of time and data is entirely your own choice adjustable. The data can be exported for easy reference edit in Excel.

alarm module

The system is equipped with an alarm module that sends a warning or an alarm via SMS or e-mail, if a preset value is exceeded. Errors or defects in the measurement system can also be displayed. Exceedances of alert thresholds can be optionally displayed via the Internet interface so you can see immediately when logging at which points the values are exceeded.

From remotely

The ABC-Monitoring Box III is provided with a plurality of ports which make it possible to manipulate the processes in the box. This can be used as is to be done a reset of the measuring equipment. From office Can be selected for the module in which the meters or sensors can be adjusted online via the Internet and optionally calibrated.

Accessible from any location worldwide

The system is made entirely web-friendly. One does thus no longer to certain locations in order to retrieve the data, or to reset the system. The data can be read from any PC with an Internet connection.


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